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About Abrasive Finishing

Abrasive Finishing manufactures the Burr Bench portable vibratory finisher and the Fortune line of ceramic abrasive preforms.

Burr Bench provides heavy duty deburring and finishing in a compact and portable unit. This unit is self contained and comes complete with a compound recirculation system. Burr Bench mass finishing machines are Super Quiet. The units come standard with a sound cover that maintains an 85 decibel operation. All types of mass finishing can be accomplished, including deburring, radiusing, surface finishing, pre-plate finishing, and cleaning. Surface improvements that include surface micro inch reduction can be accomplished. These deburring and finishing units are compatible with almost all types of media used in vibratory finishing.

The ceramic media manufactured by Abrasive Finishing, Inc. covers the complete range of deburring and finishing media. A wide variety of compositions, sizes and shapes are available. Sometimes called chips or stones, the ceramic deburring media provides the cleaning and finishing of parts in a wide variety of mass finishing equipment. The preforms can be used in vibratory finishers, tumblers, centrifugal machines, disk machines, and barrel finishers.

Abrasive Finishing, Inc. media is extremely durable and fracture resistant. It is available in many different compositions that enable you to get the maximum finishing results. The range is from the ultra aggressive AH-41 media to the high density polishing N media. The bauxite based compositions are especially recommended for high energy applications, as they are the best fracture resistant media available.

Over forty years experience in the field of deburring and surface finishing make Abrasive Finishing your best choice for media and vibratory finishers.



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